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The highlight of my day today...
seeing student-driven creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and STEAM in action by our very own Akiba Kindergarten!
Mrs. Squires' Kindergarten class invited me in today to share with me their finished product of their student-driven hospital they have been creating over the past few weeks during free-choice time.  A couple of weeks ago, a relative of a student in the class had to spend some time in the hospital, so during his free choice time, the student decided to start building a hospital.  After a few minutes, other students started joining in, followed by more and more students, until it became a whole-class project!  
In collaborative groups, students began working on different wings of the hospital including the E.R., the check-in/waiting area, the nursery, the x-ray center, etc. One group even designed the security system for the hospital, which included dinosaur cameras and soldiers to protect the building. Another group took charge of decorating the hospital with Hanukkah decorations so that patients would feel better during the upcoming holiday season.
I look forward to sharing more student-driven work with you in 2017!