...and the results are in!

This morning, lower school students were given the results from yesterday's Akiba election.  Just like in a real election, they got to feel the excitement when they heard their vote won and the disappointment when the results did not go their way.  Overall, it was an exciting morning assembly with a lot of cheering and smiles!  
Which do you like better? (winner listed first and in bold):
Apples or Oranges
Cinnamon Graham Crackers or Honey Graham Crackers
Cookies or Brownies
Indoor Recess or Outdoor Recess
Choose your own Holiday Day or Mitzvah Day for Cheshvan
TV, Radio, or Books
Mint Chip, Chocolate, or Vanilla Ice Cream
Jerusalem, Dallas, or New York
Basketball, Gymnastics, or Football (this was a tie - Students were then taught that in an election if there is a tie in electoral votes - it is determined by the House of Representatives)
The excitement continues tomorrow as students will be given a special treat for morning snack to show that their vote DOES matter!