Mitzvot and Medals!

*This was sent to all families today, along with pictures.  Please check your emails!

Dear Lower School Families,

Today we had a celebration during our morning assembly!  We used our time to recognize our Akiba students in two different areas: Mitzvah of the Month and Reading Olympics. 

 Mitzvah of the Month is a new program this year that recognizes students who go above and beyond performing the dedicated mitzvot each month.  Mitzvot are discussed at morning assembly and integrated into our classroom instruction.  The mitzvot for Elul focused on Teshuvah (repentance/showing we are sorry) and Shmirat Ha-Lashon (guarding our tongues/not saying unkind words).  Students who are selected by their teachers to receive the award are given a one-of-a-kind Akiba wristband showing that they did a mitzvah.

I can’t wait to see all of our students wearing Akiba “I did a mitzvah” wristbands by the end of the school year!

In addition, this morning we celebrated our students’ love of learning by giving out medals and Amazon gift cards to our Reading Olympics participants.  Over the summer, as we watched the Olympics on television, students were charged with the challenge of reading! If students read over 4 books and turned in their summer reading forms to their teachers, they were guaranteed to be a winner. 

I am proud to say that we had 16 gold medal winners, which meant they each read at least 10 books this summer! Congratulations to all of our participants!

I look forward to continued celebrations of our students’ achievements throughout the year.


Jennifer LeVine

Lower School Principal