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Every morning, lower school students begin their day altogether in the atrium with a morning assembly.  Morning assembly consists of sharing experiences with each other, along with reciting the Akiba Pledge (written below), Pledge of Allegiance, and Hatikvah.  Throughout the year, 4th and 5th grade students are encouraged to lead morning assembly as they continue building their leadership skills.  Today, some 5th grade students formed together to lead an energetic and spirited assembly taking us through the interesting events in history on this day. (lots of baseball facts!)
We were also privileged to have Mr. Meyerovitz start off our morning with the blowing of the shofar!
The Akiba Pledge:
"I pledge to the best of my ability to be a rodef shalom at Akiba Academy.
I will show kavod to all staff and all students.
I will respect our school and treat it as a makom kadosh.
I will use thoughtful words to solve problems.
I will try to give at least one kind comment each day.
Every day, I will work to be the best learner I can be."