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SARIT SABO - IVRIT/HEBREW TEACHR שרית סבו המורה לעברית



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The Bnot - Emuna and Noa came to our class to teach about the Hebrew language and the founder Eliezer Ben Yehuda!!!
Great job 

In Morah Sabo’s middle school Hebrew class Nadav Efrati, brother of Emunah (one of our bnot  sherut), visited Dallas and addressed the students in Hebrew about the importance of the IDF . He explained his position as a  commander with 60 soldiers under him.  He discussed the mandatory requirement to be a part of the IDF in Israel. He explained that the soldier upholds the premise of “ one for all and all for one” and how the army prepares one for life by creating independence for oneself  and consideration for one’s fellow man. This visit coincided with our very own Veterans day.

In Morah Sabo’s 7th grade Hebrew class the students completed the unit about Tel Aviv.

To conclude the study of the unit, Morah Sabo invited Mrs. Nechama Baron, a Hebrew teacher and the grandmother of Akiba student Shaina Rubenstein, to talk  about life in Tel Aviv when she grew up there many years ago and compared it with life there today. She spoke to the students only in Hebrew and the students were very engaging with her and proud of their ability to be able to converse with her in Hebrew.

Thank you to Mrs. Baron for offering this opportunity of not only speaking Hebrew but learning about a part of Israel too.

Mrs. Asulin(Principal of MS in ISRAEL) from Zichron Yaakov Israel came to teach Hebrew class about Israel 70 birthday