Endowment and Planned Giving

Increasing the School's endowment is a continuing priority to ensure that Akiba continues to grow stronger and extend its impact within our community. A strong endowment provides for long-term stability and security of our School. An endowment is truly a gift that keeps giving and is a wonderful way to establish a legacy that will support the school for generations to come. The income is generated from these funds is used to support projects designated by the donor. Endowed gifts can be made in a variety of ways. An endowment may be created by outright gifts over a number of years or created through bequests. Gifts of $25,000 and more can be considered for a named fund.

Planned giving in various forms are magnificent acts of tzedaka, especially when they memorialize the donor's name in perpetuity. Planned gifts include:

  • Bequests - Designate Akiba Academy as a beneficiary in your estate
  • Annuity Trusts - Pays a fixed amount of income during your lifetime. Akiba is the recipient of the remainder at the end of the trust
  • Life Insurance Policies - Take out a policy for Akiba or donate policies whose protection you no longer need.
  • Charitable Residues - Leave the remaining assets in your will to Akiba.
  • Unitrust - Pays a per cent of the trust each year of your life. Akiba is the recipient of the remainder at the end of the trust.
  • Charitable Lead Trust - Lending part of your estate to a trust now and the income goes into a fund you set up at the school for a specified time period.

Some of these options offer tremendous financial and tax advantages to the donor. Ask your accountant or attorney how you can maximize your tax benefits while ensuring the future for Akiba. 

Need more information?
Contact the Development Office at 214.295.3400 or development@akibaacademy.org.