Tuition Assistance Program

Though the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis has made it a difficult year for the entire world, we are most cognizant of those challenges directly impacting our AYA families. Over the course of the last year, at the direction of the school board and administration, the Tuition Assistance committee has offered significant aid, above and beyond the generous gifts normally given, in light of the current climate. 


It is our hope and prayer that many of our families have already begun to recover and that better days are in close reach, but we remind those still facing economic reductions, resulting from Covid or other crises, to provide all relevant information in their applications so that the committee can best consider each individual case.


Please carefully read the information below, which includes important instructions and deadlines to apply for Tuition Assistance.  


Please remember that the price of tuition only covers the cost to educate your Akiba Yavneh student. Any shortfall in tuition revenue must be made up by generous donors each year. We ask that you carefully consider your financial prioritization, resources, and spending before completing your Tuition Assistance application.

The Tuition Assistance dollars are precious and finite; therefore, it is vital for each applicant to treat this process with integrity.  Our commitment at AYA, in turn, is to treat all our families with respect, dignity, and clarity throughout the Tuition Assistance process.    


The Business Office will be using the same accounting, enrollment and admissions software as the prior year, which encompasses the Tuition Assistance application, called “Smart Aid”. 


 Please be reminded of the below important policies and procedures:


  • Students will not be eligible to receive Tuition Assistance without a completed application, no exceptions can be made to this requirement, as without an application, there is insufficient information to review one's case.  
  • Applications will again be completed using the online Smart Aid application, found below:
  • In order to receive assistance, applications must be completed and submitted on or before February 4, 2021.
    • The Tuition Assistance budget will be set and distributed on a first come first served basis; late applications will not be eligible for assistance except in cases of unforeseen circumstances.
    • Our strict adherence to this policy is intended to support optimal financial management for our school, as well as treating all in our valued AYA community fairly.
  • Please upload your most recent available completed tax returns:
    • If you have not yet filed your 2020 tax returns, kindly provide your 2019 returns.
    • If currently employed, please upload your most recent paystub.
    • If currently employed, please upload your most recent W-2 or Form 1099.


Should you require any assistance in completing the application process, please contact Smart Aid at (800) 360-8027.


Kindly Note the Below Important Dates:


December 20, 2020               Tuition Assistance application process begins.

February 4, 2021                   Deadline for submitting application and uploading Documents.

March 17, 2021                      Tuition Assistance Committee begins emailing offer letters to families.

March 31, 2021                      Deadline for families to accept or appeal the offer.  Please send pertinent  acceptance or appeal requests to


We greatly appreciate your commitment to Akiba Yavneh Academy, and very much look forward to working with you towards a healthy and exciting 2021/22 school year!


Tuition Assistance Committee


Smart Aid