Counseling Services


Counseling services are available as a partnership initiative with Jewish Family Service (JFS) to aid students in developing the attitudes, knowledge, and insight necessary to make judicious decisions. These services include academic, personal guidance, and group counseling.

Our counseling program is based on the principles of care, respect, responsibility, and confidentiality. Within this framework, the counseling staff works together with the teachers, administration and parents in an effort to enable each student to derive full advantage from the school’s educational program. Our counselors focus on the whole child and give attention to children who are having challenges at home and in school.

All involvement with our professional staff is done with the highest degree of confidentiality. Akiba counselors will obtain parent permission prior to a student’s meeting individually or in a small group with the counselor more than once. When necessary, Akiba has the ability to call in other services/staff as long as parental consent is given.
The following services are provided by our counselors:
  • Assessing the behavior of children who have been referred, by observing classrooms, recess and lunch, and then making recommendations.
  • Assisting teachers, parents and administrators with academic, behavioral, social/emotional or family issues.
  • Providing crisis intervention and limited individual counseling to students, 1–2 sessions
  • Providing group intervention when appropriate on topics such as peer relationships, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Offering consultation to parents.
  • Referring students to outside resources and intervention providers, such as community agencies, private mental health professionals, and or Rabbis for additional assistance.


Faculty or parents may refer students or students may request to see the counselor themselves. All person information about the student is kept in the strictest confidence. Information regarding a student will only be released with written consent from the parent or caregiver.
Our school counselors can be reached via email:

Rennie Silverman, LCSW
School Counselor (Early Childhood - 4th Grade)
Heather Behr, LCSW
School Counselor (5th - 8th Grade)