Student Life

Students are encouraged to exercise influence and governance in shaping campus life, as well as do all that they can to nourish their own personal development. An important part of student life is involvement in clubs, academic and governing councils, mentoring, and community service projects. Whether it's books, musical instruments, math, a foreign language, computers, film, or the performing arts, students can join a variety of special interest clubs. National Honor Society is also offered to high-achieving students.

Community involvement is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Beginning in preschool, every Akiba student learns the philosophical and practical importance of tikkun olam—repairing of the world. And in grades 1 through 8, they’re given the privilege and responsibility to help others through hands-on service projects.

From learning hands-on farming and food gathering for the hungry, to connecting with the elderly, to raising money for those in need in our own community, our country and abroad, Akiba students develop a deep understanding of their place in the world—and their unique ability to make a difference in it.

At Akiba, we view ourselves not only as an exemplary school, but a warm and inclusive community. From our local neighborhoods to our global environment and beyond, the need for compassion and tangible engagement and assistance is great. Fortunately, Akiba students are always up to the challenge.