General Studies

Students are offered a variety of opportunities in which they can express their individuality and deepen their understanding of their own identity. Incorporating best practices of both innovative and traditional education, Akiba Academy has created a dynamic general-studies program that sets high academic standards for all students and makes cross-grade, cross-discipline connections.

By integrating the development of speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary and writing skills the language arts program ensures that all students have the opportunities and resources to develop the language skills they need to pursue their academic, professional, and personal goals. The program also seeks to develop in students a love of language, reading, and writing that will be a source of pleasure for them throughout their lifetimes.

Our mathematics curriculum is comprehensive at all grade levels, and designed to help build conceptual understanding, skill proficiency, problem solving facility, and logical reasoning. It provides thorough coverage of state and national standards, and allows teachers the flexibility to customize the program. In math, our teachers focus on real-life problem solving and student communication of mathematical thinking. We also emphasize differentiated instruction, using various methods for skills practice.

Science is a systematic investigation of the ever-changing world around us. Our students utilize the scientific method as a means to derive specific concepts or ideas. These concepts become the basis for further exploration of our scientific world. Students actively construct ideas through their own inquiries, investigations, and analyses, and gain an understanding of scientific topics through hands-on experiments. At each grade level students study physical, life and earth science units that are often connected to other subject areas.

Social studies education helps students acquire the perspective to appreciate history and understand modern society. It fosters respect for the dignity and worth of all people, loyalty to democratic ideals, and the skills necessary to accept the right and responsibilities of citizens. Through the Social Studies curriculum, students learn to integrate significant facts, concepts, and generalizations from history into their own experiences.