Tuition, Fees & Incentives




Akiba is pleased to offer two payment options to families: 

  • If paying in full, payment is due by May 10, 2019.
  • If paying monthly, 10 equal payments are automatically charged to your bank account or credit card. Payments will be posted from July through the following April.+
* Please note that application and enrollment fees are administrative fees and therefore are not applied to tuition.
+ Please note that all tuition plans for the 2019-20 school year must be paid in full by April 30, 2020. The plans listed above are for families who apply during the enrollment season. Families late to the process will have an adjusted schedule that will need to be paid in full by April 30, 2020.
Tuition & Fees for 2020-21 will be available January 2020.



While our Flexible Tuition Program seeks to ensure that Akiba is affordable to all current families, two new initiatives focus on growing our community.    


The first is called the Pioneer Program, which helps recruit new families through an initial one-time 10-percent tuition discount (for families with students in K-8). Growing the student body and the number of families at Akiba is an important investment in the long-term health and sustainability of our school. 


With our new Referral Program, we're enlisting our current families in actively promoting Akiba. By sharing the good news about Akiba with a family who successfully enrolls, existing families receive a $750 referral fee per new child to offset tuition. 


Don't miss a great savings opportunity that exists because of new tax laws. 529 plans, a tax-advantaged savings plan for college costs, were expanded to include private elementary and secondary school tuition. Plan holders will be able to withdraw up to $10,000 per year tax-free for elementary and high school tuition. Please talk with your accountant or financial adviser about the tax benefits of utilizing 529 plan funds toward Akiba tuition.