Akiba Academy opened its doors in 1962 with a mission to combine an exemplary general-studies elementary education with complementary teachings in Judaic history and culture so that Jewish children could develop comfortably as both Americans and Jews—true to the two traditions that form the mainstream of their lives. Children from three months of age through the eighth grade are welcome, regardless of their degree of religious observance.

Akiba now has many second and even a third generation of students in our school. We have a track record of graduates who go on to the best high schools and top tier universities. Many are distinguished leaders in their communities. Our unique approach facilitates the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth of each child, providing a foundation for his or her development into a responsible, intelligent, and moral leader of tomorrow.

Akiba is a vital asset in our Jewish community and continues to strengthen this community. Akiba is perceived as an important community leader. We have fantastic families who believe in our mission, who make many great sacrifices to provide their children with the best Jewish education...An Akiba education.