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About Mr. Pesola

First of all, I want everyone to know that I am thrilled to be a part of the Akiba team. My interaction with the students, my colleagues, and the Academy’s Leadership Team makes me know that this is where I belong. I have been teaching for over 25 years and have had a diverse teaching background.  My degrees in English/Communications (Bachelor’s Degree) and Business (30 hours of MBA study) are from Northern Michigan University and Nova Southeastern University respectively.   I have taught a led departments at public schools and several prominent private schools in Florida and Georgia, and I founded the “Harvard National Congress,” a Speech and Communications workshop that serves over 2000 high school students from across the country annually.  I was in the midst of planning to move when I became aware of the Akiba position, and my passion for teaching became very apparent to me. So I decided to explore the possibility, and almost instantly felt a bond with the community.


One of the reasons I believe that a solid background in English and Communications is paramount is that I am particularly concerned about the effects of Social Media and Technology on today’s generation. While these advances have many positive attributes, and certainly play an important role in our lives, there is already evidence that the art and science of communication—both written and verbal, as well as a genuine love of reading—are being slowly eroded by all of the ‘text-ese’ and amount of time spent gaming.  My primary goal at Akiba is to find ways to reach Middle School students and instill in them a love and acumen for the written, spoken, and literary word.  Sometimes, “back to the basics” is the best way to develop the true leaders of tomorrow; those who have aspirations of success in ANY field will be those who can read, speak, and especially write with high proficiency. I absolutely believe that this is truly a school of excellence with a mission to educate the whole child—academically, socially, and spiritually—and that is exactly how I approach teaching.  There is more to life than “the three R’s,” and Akiba’s focus on Judaic studies is evidence that the school recognizes that. Of course, while my role is to teach students about the fundamental usage of our English language, I also love to get to know kids on an interpersonal level. My hope is that they will recognize that I am sensitive to their many trials and tribulations, and that my classroom door is always open for extra help and encouragement.


I am humbled, yet proud to join such a great community and look forward to partnering with colleagues and parents to do my part to add to the Akiba tradition of excellence.  Parents, feel free to email me anytime with questions or concerns about your child’s progress: I prefer that students avoid emailing me unless it is part of an assignment or a truly important situation that cannot wait until the next school day.

I look forward to helping many students learn and grow during my years at Akiba.



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