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The Wizard of Oz - 3/2/17

"There's No Place Like Akiba..."
Where will you be March 8? Come join our 5th grade students as they follow the yellow brick road and perform "The Wizard of Oz" in Hebrew! Yes, in Hebrew!
Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that speaking and learning a second language improves cognitive skills and overall brain function? Not only does learning a second language enhance performance in other academic areas such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, and standardized testing, learning a second language delays the onset of  dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
As a culmination of our lower school Hebrew curriculum, students in 5th grade showcase their second language learning through on-stage performances gaining the added benefits of drama: building confidence, helping concentration, supporting numeracy skills, assisting physical development, and developing emotional intelligence and communication skills.
If you have not seen one of the 5th grade plays for yourself, you are in for quite an experience! If you have...you have never seen one quite like this!
Jennifer LeVine
Lower School Principal