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Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Over the course of Sukkot, we gather together the four species-the lulav (palm frond), etrog (citron), hadasim (myrtle) and aravot (willows)-into one bundle and wave it in all directions symbolizing God's presence all around us. A popular midrashic interpretation of the ritual explains that each of the four species represents a different type of Jew, possessing varying degrees of Torah knowledge and good deeds. Bound together, the four individual species of flora create a much greater whole.  Similarly, individual Jewish people joined together compose a much stronger, holier and vibrant entity, empowered by unity and spiritual purpose.

Many activities at Akiba this short week of Chol HaMoed worked toward building a cohesive community. Wednesday night's PTO dinner and dessert in the Sukkah gathered families from every part of the school to celebrate the holiday together. The Middle School also came together as one on its field trip to Group Dynamix yesterday. Through a series of team building activities, our middle schoolers reinforced their understanding of what it means to work as a team, build trust and collaborate. While the Middle School engaged in team building, the Early Childhood Program showed its own display of unity. With flags and Torahs in hand, our youngest Akiba students-led by Eli Davidsohn (father of our own Morah Jordana)- paraded through campus raising their voices in song and celebration. And to culminate our Sukkot festivities in school today, the entire Lower School started its morning in the Sukkah for a Sukkot breakfast and assembly. It has been a wonderful holiday at school as we came together as an agudah achat, one beautifully diverse AND unified community.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach