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 Third grade group A class.  These students begin with me on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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Spelling List 4

Spelling List 4 is posted with bonus words.  We will have the test Friday Oct. 20th.  They must complete 3 squares on their spelling bingo sheet (front of spelling journal) by Friday.  They will turn it in before their test.

Spelling list 3 with bonus words.

Spelling list 3 has been posted.  We will have the test on Thursday Sept. 28 not Friday.  There are 5 bonus words this week.  I let the students choose if they would like to try to spell the bonus words.  No points are deducted for trying.  I only add points if they get them correct.  The spelling homework is also due Thursday before the test.  Remember they must complete 3 activities from the spelling bingo each week for credit.  That does not include the activity we complete in class.  Have a wonderful week.

spelling list week 1

 I have listed the spelling words for week 1 under spelling on my web page.
I also uploaded the spelling bingo page the students will use for homework using their spelling words.  Both pages will be glued into their spelling spiral notebook.  This notebook will be used to write all their spelling homework.  I will look over their work and issue a completion grade every weekend.  Spelling homework is due every Friday before the test.  Every Monday they will receive the new spelling list for the week.  This week we will be working on some of the bingo spelling items in class to make sure the students understand what is due.  I will allow a few weeks grace period until the students get the hang of the homework.  This weeks list uses the bossy "e". 


 Hello everyone.  I am so excited to join the Akiba Academy faculty and to teach these wonderful students.  We are looking forward to learning and growing together.