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Math 7th, Eight Period (M/W) and Ninth Period (T/T) (Period 8)

Middle School Math Teacher and Learner Support Specialist Alejandra Guzman

Course Description


Course Description: This course will cover the fundamentals concepts of Pre – Algebra and will guide students through integers, one step equations, inequalities and equations, graphs and functions, percent and probabilities. We will focus on developing reasoning strategies and approach our math learning from an inquiring point of view to understand concepts and applications.

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Review #6: Roots and Algebraic Expressions
Use your textbook and notes to complete it.
You can also make your own handwritten one page notes to bring to the quiz!


Quiz #6: Roots and Algebraic Expressions
Don't forget to bring your own handwritten one page notes!


Workbook pages: 145 to 146, 149 to 155, 157 to 160 and 163