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8th Grade IVRIT

Orly Achkenazy
Morah Sarit Indich Sabo
2017-2018 School Year



Shalom and welcome to MS Hebrew class!

 My name is Sarit Sabo. I was born and raised in Nahariya, Israel. I graduated from Bar Ilan University with B.A in  Education, Jewish Philosophy and Hebrew Language. This will be my 8th year at Akiba and in Dallas. My husband Rabbi Sabo and I are both teaching the kids at Akiba and in the Dallas community.

Our goal is to instill within them a love and a strong connection to ISRAEL. The Hebrew/Ivrit language, the Jewish state and of course get them closer to the holy Torah!  


Textbooks:  Bishvil-Ha Ivrit 1-4


Website:   www.neta.cet.ac.il

Every student has received a username/password for the Neta website(www.neta.cet.ac.il). This is the forum for some of their homework. This also provides students with a digital copy of the workbook should they forget it in school.

Teacher page: http://www.akibaacademy.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=522895&type=u&pREC_ID=796696


Using the teacher page you will be able to keep up to date with homework assignments and exams, and always to be able to see pictures of the wonderful things we are doing in class.

Please subscribe to the page you will need for this year.


Homework: Students should be writing their homework daily in their planner/agenda to help them own the responsibility as well. I highly encourage all parents subscribe to the website to receive Hebrew updates. The Hebrew homework can be found in the Judaic binder behind the orange divider. This binder should accompany your child home each day and back to school the next morning. These binders are a critical part of the organizational skills they are developing in Middle School.

Curriculum and Materials: The "Bishvil Ha-Ivrit" curriculum and materials encourage an ongoing and dynamic interaction between content, linguistics, and skill development. They offer a wide variety of genres - prose and poetry, conversations, interviews, articles, notes, questionnaires and more; opportunities to master the 4 communicative skills -reading, writing, listening and speaking; and a sequential progression of grammar and linguistics. Active linguistic ability is built gradually along a sequential progression of increasing length and complexity of texts, richer vocabulary and greater syntactic complexity.

I look forward to greeting you on Wed. August 30, at Back to School night.

Sarit Sabo -Hebrew teacher 5th-8th



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Past Assignments


Complete page 107


Hebrew test for unit 4 will be on 2/26
Please complete your tasks and review words in page 101


Complete questions in page 87


Study the words, translate and write sentences
  • מפסיק-להפסיק:
  • צועק על:
  • לצעוק:
  • מעשה:
  • מתנהג:
  • סכנה :
  • עונש:


Complete your online tasks


Hebrew test on unit 3 will be on this coming Friday. It will be a Netta test -  listening test.
 Please review the pages of the unit and complete ALL of your online Tasks!


1. Complete ALL of the online tasks - the new ones, the late ones and the ones for correction! Make sure to complete them before winter break!  
2. Do PAALULAN for 10 minute daily ! 


Learn to sing this song for grandparents day!




Complete your grammar chart by tomorrow!
Please do 10 min of Paalulan when you are done!


Learn the new words for quiz on Thursday 


פותח-לפתוח, בני נוער, עור, עורות , סנדל, אכפת ל...כפתור,אופנתי, ארוך, קצר


Write one more comment about the Post in page 60!


Complete page 53-54 due tomorrow!


Dear parents,
The students will have a Hebrew test on the last unit we just learnd on Tuesday the 26!
I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all Shanna Tovah!!!!!
Morah Achkenazy


Page 38 questions 1-2


Complete one website assignment!
ציורים ומילים 


 Learn the following words by tomorrow:
(לא)משהו{סלנג}, רופא,בודק-לבדוק,משקפיים,נעל-נעליים,כאב,גב,