Akiba Academy Of Dallas

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of current parents, alumni parents and community members who serve as Akiba ambassadors in the community at large. The responsibilities of the Board include the following:

  • Establishing policies for the school
  • Helping maintain financial stability
  • Hiring the Head of School and Managing Director
  • Approving the budget
  • Setting tuition
  • Setting a strategic plan


Executive Board

Rachel Berke, President

Josh Hochschuler, Executive Vice President

Sue Schwartz, Secretary

Helene Schussler, Vice President of Finance
Jessica Josset, Vice President of HSEC

Talia Rosenberg, Vice President of Development

Jay Ceitlin, Immediate Past President


Board Members

David Blank

Dana Feinstein

Ben Kogutt

Jacques Ohayon

Tara Ohayon

Mikey Oster

David Podolsky

Raphael Rosenzweig

Batsheva Schwartz

Zev Shulkin

Evan Smith

Reid Stein

Jenny Walters

David Yalovsky

Erica Morenoff, PTO President

Tammie Rapps, Head of School

Ann Rosenberg, Life Trustee 


Past Presidents

Jay Ceitlin 2013-2015
Michael Robbins 2012-2013
Andy Schultz 2009-2012
Liz Liener 2007-2009
Mike Zucker 2005-2007
Jaynie Schultz 2002-2005
Dan Prescott 2000-2002
Jeffrey Hoffman 1998-2000
Richard Rohan 1996-1998
Pam Hochster Fine 1994-1996
Esther Hazan-Cohen 1992-1994
Steven Rosenberg 1990-1992
Shirley Rovinsky 1988-1990
Leslie Schultz 1986-1988
Carole Ann Hoppenstein 1984-1986
Ronald Blumenthal* 1982-1984
Harvey Weiner 1980-1982
Howard Schultz 1978-1980
Erven Rovinsky 1976-1978
Bernard Gerson* 1973-1976
Stanley J. Schepps* 1971-1973
Ronald Gruen* 1968-1971
Marcus Rosenberg* 1962-1968

  * Of Blessed Memory


Need more information?
Contact us by phone at 214.295.3400 or by email at info@akibaacademy.org.