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Recording Chumash 7-8

Chumash recording tonight. פסוקים יא-יב and רש"י, שפתי חכמים & רמב"ן. Depends what you are up to/your skill level is what you should be practicing. Review for 5 minutes and record for two of them and email! Those that got started early (i.e. yesterday), you are 'covered.' :)

Chumash recording #3

Read for 5 minutes tonight. Record two of them and email.
The links to תנ"ך online are in the right sidebar under the "links" tab.
Have a great night!

Challah bake openings for MSers

Hi All,
I intended to let you know today but forgot! If you and your friends would be interested in coming to (assuming you aren't already) to the city-wide Challah bake on Thursday night, there are spaces that can be arranged! Just let me know and I will pass it onward.

NEW! Links tab

Just to make you aware that at the sidebar of the homepage, there is a tab 'links'. You can currently find the link to several Tanakh/Torah web sites!

Recording Detais

Read פסוק ז' &  then רשב"ם &/or רמב"ן unless you were told to do רש"י from last week.
...רשב"ם: תיטיב
רמב"ן: תיטיב ...שאת
Read פסוק א' &  then 'רש"י:את ה'